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Inspired by 45 years of Weekly Money Lessons taught while having Breakfast with 3rd generation Speaker & Advisor of Financial Literacy. After my parents divorce at the age of 3, my father would take my sister & I to breakfast every single Saturday. Witnessing so many women walk into this office lack financial literacy knowledge after a passing of their spouse or divorce our father started teach his daughters easy money lessons while at breakfast by drawing on a napkin. His creative and at ease way of talking about money has been key to our financial success. Through this Show, I would like to bring those easy conversations to you. Whether you are talking with yourself, your friend or your kids, let have Conversations over Money made Easy.

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Tricia Daniel

A 3rd generation speaker on financial clarity & literacy, Tricia Daniel personally understands money fears when rebuilding after starting over. With a now blended family of 6 boys, Tricia shares her financial journey of being a women who started over twice after divorce, a single mother who overcame debt from 3 life events and a financial executive laid off in her 40's. As an MBA with over 25 years experience public accounting and in corporate finance, Tricia learned to combine her professional financial experience with her personal money journey to create clear steps in rebuilding after each turn in life that she now shares with others to have a clear money mindset when rebuilding legacies.